Families, Individuals,
and Giving Circles: 



Philanthropy is complex, and it’s challenging to do it well, especially when you don’t know what you don’t know. As philanthropists ourselves who have stood where you stand, we help families, individuals, and giving circles navigate the big questions: 

  • How do we get started? 

  • What are the values that motivate us and will guide our giving? 

  • How can we listen and learn from those we wish to support? 

  • What does impact mean to us? 

At Collective Capital Philanthropy, we use a peer-learning approach to help you navigate these big questions, and provide tools and resources at every step of the way. Through our easy, accessible, and inclusive learning process, every family and giving circle discovers its own distinct style, strategy, and giving level. 

Whether philanthropy is new to you and your family, or you are a seasoned donor, we will spark conversations that will change the way you approach and engage in giving. 

We customize your experience based on your needs, guiding you toward more values-aligned, purpose-driven philanthropy—however you define it. 

Working with us, you will: 

  • Assess your own Collective Capital

  • Develop a Philanthropic Strategy

  • Gain Grantmaking Support

  • Learn Alongside Peers in Retreats and Workshops

  • Learn New Tools to Facilitate Family Conversations

  • Engage in Global Philanthropy

  • Form or Strengthen Your Giving Circle

Develop a Philanthropic Strategy

We guide individuals and families through a highly customized and yet simple path. We then help you design and enact a giving strategy of your own—one that best reflects your values, purpose, and vision for change. 

Gain Grantmaking Support

With our vast network of dynamic leaders, changemakers, and global NGOs, we can connect you with the organizations and opportunities that most interest you. We act as your intermediary—curating grant options that align with your goals, accompanying you on site visits, facilitating authentic relationships with grantees, and teaching you how to best engage in trust-based philanthropy. 

Learn Alongside Peers in Retreats and Workshops

Join with your peers at our Collective Capital Philanthropy retreats and workshops, held a few times throughout the year in the U.S. and abroad. We convene small groups (10-15) of women, new philanthropists, or seasoned donors on sessions focusing on personal and professional learning and renewal. 

Whether you consider yourself brand new to philanthropy or a practicing donor for years, these safe, supportive peer-learning spaces will spark new conversations that will transform your experience of who you are and how you want to give. 

Facilitate Family Conversations and Retreats 

Every family must make decisions together. In many families, personalities, roles, and inner dynamics can make decision-making an important and yet sensitive process. It helps to have a skilled and neutral facilitator in the room who can walk your family through conversations and shared goal-setting.

As 21/64-certified family facilitators, we are highly trained in multigenerational conversations where everyone in the room feels heard and seen. We ground your family in its core values; we guide conversations about money and meaning; and we help you navigate potentially troublesome situations—before they start.

Engage in Global Grantmaking

With over 20 combined years of international grant-making experience, we have worked on some of the biggest issues of our time on a global scale. We have had life changing experiences with grantees all over the globe, and can prepare you for these experiences of your own. If you are someone who likes to learn-by-doing, lifting yourselves and your grantees to new levels, we are here to guide you.

Form or Strengthen Your Giving Circle

Are you ready to join together with others to make collective change? A giving circle is a group of people who pool their donations and decide where to give. As philanthropists ourselves, we have personally formed and participated in several giving circles over the past decade—including Beyond our Borders and Present Purpose Network. We’ve seen the power of collective giving at work, and we are here to support others who want to join the movement. We can help you get your giving circle started, design your structure, plan for impact, and avoid common pitfalls.