If you are like many grantmakers today, perhaps you take a high-touch, innovative, hands-on approach to your giving. Yet, with little or no staff and volunteer board members, there is little time or capacity to do what you know is possible. 

As a team of philanthropic advisors, we work with small- or no-staffed foundations—of all asset sizes—to meet your governance, management, and grantmaking needs. We’re here to support you, strategize with you, and connect you to the grantees that best match your mission.

Working with us, you will:

  • Strengthen Your Philanthropic Strategy

  • Gain Grantmaking Support

  • Learn New Tools to Facilitate Board and Family Meetings

  • Engage in Global Grantmaking

Strengthen Your Philanthropic Strategy

We guide foundations through a highly customized and yet simple path to strengthening your philanthropic strategy—allowing you and your board to engage in the work in a deeper, more personal way, experiencing more satisfaction and success. You will uncover the answers to: 

  • What kind of grantmaker do we really want to be? 

  • How aligned is our work to our values and purpose? 

  • How do we develop authentic relationships with our grantees—listening and learning from them? 

  • We’re tired of spinning our wheels—how do we get to impact? 

  • What are some innovative ways we can give beyond grants? 

We then help you design and enact a giving strategy of your own—one that best reflects your values, purpose, and vision for change.  

Gain Grantmaking Support

With our vast network of dynamic leaders, changemakers, and global NGOs, we can connect you with the organizations and opportunities that most interest you. We act as your intermediary—curating grant options that align with your goals, accompanying you on site visits, facilitating authentic relationships with grantees, and teaching you how to best engage in trust-based philanthropy.

Facilitate Board and Family Meetings

As 21/64-certified family facilitators, we are highly trained in multigenerational conversations where everyone in the room feels heard and seen. We ground your board or family in its core values; we guide governance and grantmaking conversations; and we help you navigate potentially troublesome situations—before they start. Examples include strategic planning, succession planning, preparing for leadership transitions, engaging the next generation, and more.

Engage in Global Grantmaking 

With 24 combined years of international grantmaking experience, we have worked on some of the biggest issues of our time on a global scale. As ambassadors for the Sustainable Development Goals launched in 2015 by the United Nations, we have had life changing experiences with grantees all over the globe, and can help your foundation engage in effective and respectful global grant-making.