Who We Serve


We are here to guide you—families, individuals, giving circles, and foundations—in discovering and deepening your philanthropic purpose, partnerships, and impact. We also work closely with financial advisors, providing tools and counsel to best serve your clients’ philanthropic needs.


Families, Individuals, and Giving Circles:

Find deep purpose and partnership through philanthropy.

Think for a moment: what would bring you and your family the most joy, meaning, and connection—with each other, and the world around you? For most of us, the answer lies in giving to something bigger than ourselves—showing up with heart, effort, compassion, and dollars to contribute in the lives of people and our planet.

We are philanthropists ourselves, and we have stood where you stand. We have asked ourselves: how can we possibly make a measured impact? How can we do something meaningful together, as a family or a group—one that reflects our values and teaches our kids to live well and give well? 

You may be emerging philanthropists, or perhaps you don’t consider yourselves philanthropists at all. Or you might be seasoned donors who give in different amounts, to different causes, with little cohesion or strategy. 

Wherever you are on the giving spectrum, you’re in the right place. We stand with you, side-by-side, guiding you toward more values-aligned, purpose-driven philanthropy—however you define it. 




Transform your philanthropic strategy and impact.

As a grantmaker, you are passionate about the problems you want to solve. You give money away to make a dent in the big issues of our time, and you’re willing to take risks if it means results. Yet you want to do more than write checks and hope for the best. You want to work alongside your grantees, in true partnership, supporting their community-led change. And you want to do so with the highest integrity and impact.

 If you are like many grantmakers today, perhaps you take a high-touch, innovative, hands-on approach to your giving. Yet, with little or no staff and volunteer board members, there is little time or capacity to do what you know is possible.

That’s where Collective Capital Philanthropy can help.  As a team of philanthropic advisors, we work with small- or no-staffed foundations—of all asset sizes—to meet your governance, management, and grantmaking needs.

As decades-long donors ourselves, we understand how to navigate the complexities of foundation structure and strategy. We’re here to support you, strategize with you, and connect you to the grantees that best match your mission.




Financial Advisors: 

Build value and lasting relationships with your clients.

Individuals and families of wealth today aim to be strategic, focused, and actively involved in their giving. They look to you, their financial advisor, to guide them in practicing philanthropy that is financially savvy as much as it is socially impactful.

At Collective Capital Philanthropy, we are your trusted partner in delivering value and results to your clients. We bring you and your clients curated events, tools, and resources—helping them approach philanthropy in a way that reflects their values, time horizon, risk tolerance, and personal passions. 

As decades-long donors ourselves, we understand the complexities and challenges thoughtful philanthropists face. We help donors and their advisors learn how to give wisely and influence change both locally and globally.