Our Story


We are philanthropists…

And we have stood where you stand. We have asked ourselves how can we best contribute and what is our role in doing so? We made big wishes to find our place in this world and made a measured impact with the resources we had available to us. Along the way, we were challenged with difficult questions about power, privilege, and our role in that impact and change. This experience has been transformational for us and we wish the same for you.  

While every individual has a unique story and path that will shape their own philanthropic style, with more than 20 years of combined experience in this field, we have the tools, experience and expertise to support your vision. We use a peer-learning approach to help you navigate these questions and provide resources at every step of the way. 

We are committed to standing side by side with you and to support you in your journey towards a holistic, values-aligned, purpose-driven strategy. At its root, philanthropy is defined as a love for humanity and we passionately believe everyone has the potential to become extraordinary philanthropists. 

We listen. We learn.

We ask the hard questions with an open heart, and we build trust. We seek both innovative and simple ways to partner and leverage resources for long-term sustainable solutions. We help deploy capital to address complex challenges.

We trust. We build partnerships.

Above all, we honor and support community-driven ideas, knowledge, and solutions.


We all have the capacity to contribute, whether it is with our time, our expertise, our social networks, our story, voice or financial resources. The sum of our contributions is what we call Collective Capital. It is our Collective Capital that elevates us to solve complex challenges in innovative ways. 

We are all philanthropists.