Collective Capital is a philanthropic advisory firm that supports individuals, families, and foundations to deepen and strengthen their philanthropic strategy, partnerships, and impact.


Who We Serve

We provide you personalized guidance and resources to enhance a holistic approach to your philanthropy. Our approach integrates your own values, lived experience, time horizon, risk-tolerance, and aligns with community voice, knowledge, and partnership.


Individuals and Families




Financial Advisors

Community-Centered Philanthropy


Community members and those closest to the most-pressing issues are best suited to drive local solutions. At Collective Capital, we build authentic relationships that honor community-driven development.


Whether building partnerships in your local community…


Or working in partnership with communities across the globe…

Our ethos remains the same.

We support locally-driven and locally-led solutions.

Systems Change

Shifting philanthropy from transactional to transformational takes courage, humility, and bold steps to commit to addressing root causes of injustice. Funders and donors have an opportunity to be thoughtful and intentional, shifting their resources to support radical transformation.

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Women & Girls

To create equity for women and girls around the globe, we must invest in solutions that are holistic and comprehensive. Visionary funders support grass-roots movements and global networks to provide essential resources for women and girls to lead this change.


We invite you to take a step back for a moment and view the big picture. Seek out your north star, let it guide you in extraordinary ways and observe the expanse as you find your place in it all.